Frictionless access, 
seamless interactions

Virdee is a technology company that provides software to hotels, apartments and office buildings

Inefficient check-ins and interactions with staff result in lousy experiences for people.

Decentralized tech systems require on-site staff to be the middleman between systems and customers. 

Your Hardware,

Our Software

Our software simplifies the access and authentication experience for residents, visitors and property staff.


Our integrations make the most of existing hardware + software by centralizing previously fragmented systems 

Unified Access

From the parking facility, into the building, up the elevator and through the room door, our software provides one access credential to visitors

Remote assistance

Lighten the workload for on-site teams by providing a virtual helpdesk (via FaceTime or voice-only) that can control in-lobby kiosks 

ID Verification

Use our app or in-lobby kiosks to check visitor IDs with confidence. Our security is multi-factor, intuitive and instantaneous


Our philosophy

We believe the world would be a better place if staff spent more time building relationships and less time on automatable tasks

Our pricing model eliminates upfront investment by the owner


App, kiosk and appless access solutions 

At Virdee, we've tailored our pricing model to make our products affordable for any organization.

By increasing staffing efficiency and unlocking new revenue streams, our customers can immediately see net positive impacts to their bottom line.

Virtual Front Desk
  • Virdee Guest app

  • Boarding pass

  • Staff dashboard

  • Mobile check-in

  • ID Verification

  • Payment collection

  • Confirmation emails

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Virtual Lobby
  • All front desk features

  • Choose your room

  • Upsells and experiences

  • Branded mobile app

  • Room service

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Custom solution

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  • All virtual lobby features

  • Predictive analytics

  • Automated reporting

  • Personalized content

  • Guest messaging and workflows


About Us

The members of our founding team are all veterans of The Guild, one of the largest operators in the Silicon Valley-backed short term rental space. During that time, we were challenged with supporting a decentralized, national network of boutique hospitality properties with a tech solution that could not only work anywhere, but could also be comprehensive and intuitive enough to support all guest check-ins. 

Virdee was formed in the aftermath of COVID-19 to bring many of those lessons learned to owners of commercial real estate who could benefit from tech-enabled, touch-less visitor check-ins and authentication.

We are based in Austin, Texas and we look forward to helping you leverage technology to hold more seamless interactions with your customers in 2020 and beyond.


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